The best thing about owning a franking machine is the discount that you get from Royal Mail. There is no minimum number of items required to be sent in order to get the discount. You can send one and get around 22% savings compared to stamps. Imagine if you send 100 items per day. In a week, the money that you save can go towards paying bills or even buying new inventory.

For second class mails, you can save at least £50 on 500 letters. Royal Mail gives further discounts to bulk mail. You can also ask them to pick up your bulk mail from your office. You don’t need to lug around a heavy bag every day. Just frank them properly and pack them in Royal Mail issued bags and wait for the post man to arrive.

There are many franking machines in the market that can handle bulk mails. Here are some of them.

High Volume Franking Machines

These are franking machines that can frank 100 items and above per minute. The starting cost is around £10,000. Don’t worry about the cost as you can process more mails in a single day so you can achieve the highest savings from Royal Mail. They only allow franked mail to be sent on the same day they are franked so you need a machine that can process bulk mail to get the highest discounts possible.

For example, if you send 1,000 2nd class letters using stamps, it would cost you £500. If you frank them, it would only cost you £330. If you get a low volume franking machine, you can only get a certain amount of savings but they are still better than using stamps.

Pitney Bowes DM450c

The DM450c can process 110 letters per minute. Purchase price is around £7,000. You can rent it for £140 per month. Ink cartridge costs £110.

This is a digital SMART franking machine which means you can reclaim your money on VAT services. It improves efficiency in a large office. Your mail room will definitely see an increase in speed and productivity. You will also get more savings not only on your letters but on your overhead costs as well. This is Energy Star compliant. It goes on a sleep mode whenever it is not in use. It includes CleanMail technology access that gives you even more discounts if you send over one thousand letters per month.

The machine features franking, sealing and stacking capabilities. It can frank 8mm thick envelopes. You can run several accounts at the same time. The integrated scales ensure that you only pay the exact postage every time. You can get an optional 35kg scale for your heavy items.

The DM450c has an incoming letter date and stamp feature so you can also manage your incoming letters and parcels. It comes with a standard 24 accounts but you can increase it to 300 if you need to.

FP Centormail 

The Centormail processes 140 letters per minute. Purchase price is £10,000. You can rent it for £200 per month. Ink cartridge costs £190.

This model has a dynamic weighing system that can weigh and frank items in one feed cycle. If you want to keep it simple, use the 5kg weighing scale and differential weighing feature. This feature works when you use the standard scales by calculating the weight of each item that you remove from the pile.

This model comes with a label dispenser, modem, chip card reader and incoming mail stamp. It comes with 300 department accounts.

Neopost IS-480

The IS-480 costs £9,000. You can rent it for £180 per month. Ink cartridges cost £210. It is capable of processing 150 letters per minute.

This model is a complete digital mailing system. It can handle a wide variety of mailing needs. It is incorporated with the iMeter technology so it performs tasks with greater efficiency. It can accurately weigh and price all your letters and parcels in seconds.

It comes with an envelope sealer to make your job easier. You can also access Royal Mail tracking and scanned signature confirmation for special deliveries. It is connected to the Internet so you can update your software immediately and download rates as they change.

Frama Mailmax II Speed

This system can frank 160 letters per minute. It costs around £10,000. Rental price is £200 per month. Ink cartridges cost £90.

It can handle 8mm thick envelopes.  It can store 8 advertising slogans. It comes with 250 cost centres, each one being password protected. You can easily analyse your expenditure through this feature.

This is a modular system that you can build as your business grows. You can add an automatic letter feeder and envelope sealer. You can also add weighing platforms and tariff loading boxes.

You can operate the device using the ComTouch system. This allows all the operations to be programmed through the intuitive touchscreen.

Renting or Leasing High Volume Franking Machines

If buying a brand new model is out of the question now, you can rent or lease a franking system for as low as £100 per month depending on the supplier and depending on your contract (rent or lease). Renting is a good solution for short-term projects. Leasing is the way to go if you need a device for several years. Renting contracts start at 6 months to a year. Leasing starts at 12 months up to 3 years. Some suppliers even offer their machines for 5 years. At the end of the lease, you have the option to buy the machine.

Renting keeps mailing costs low. You don’t need a large financial outlay. You also don’t need a lot of paperwork. For leasing, you need to submit a number of financial documents. You will also be subjected to a background check in order to determine if you are qualified for the lease. Leasing allows you to upgrade or downgrade as you see fit. Just inform your supplier.

If renting, be sure to get a contract that covers maintenance and ink cartridges. If leasing, ask your supplier if they will cover maintenance, repairs and spare parts replacements. Franking machines, like any equipment, depreciate and break down over time so renting or leasing are really good options for businesses that have strict cash flow.

Renting and leasing are also good for tax purposes. Most businesses prefer leasing because of its tax benefits. To be sure, consult your accountant on the best option to choose.


Which High Volume Franking Machine Is Best?