When to Call Who – A Guide for Franking Machine Users

Depending on the issue, you can either call your supplier or Royal Mail for assistance for your franking machine. Here is a quick guide of when to call who.

Call your Supplier when:

  • You experience jams or printing issues
  • There are rate changes that you need to be downloaded
  • You need tariff and price chips
  • You need new cartridges or there’s a problem with your current cartridge
  • You need to change your machine location. Keep in mind that you need a new licence before doing this
  • You need to order low volume outer envelopes (less than 30 items of mail)
  • Machine changes or upgrades
  • SMART Machine issues
  • You need postage credits and invoice payments
  • You want to terminate your contract or avail of refunds
  • You need payment allocation to accounts
  • You need settlement figures
  • You need to inquire about lease/rental
  • You need information on account statements, accounts on hold and contract duration or cancellation

Call Royal Mail for the following:

  • When you need help posting when there’s a problem with your machine
  • When you need information on where to post your franked mail
  • Arranging collections
  • You don’t need to buy supplies. Order from Royal Mail for free
  • When you need help on how to prepare your franked mail
  • When you want to inquire about which Royal Mail Services you can use with a franking machine
  • For updating your details
  • To request copies of invoices
  • Ask assistance in finding a franking machine
  • Learn about the requirements of the Royal Mail Scheme for franking letters and parcels 2008
  • Update your posting prices

Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to save time and money when dealing with your franking machine problems.

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