Whether you choose to lease or to buy your franking machine, there will be some other additional costs to take in to consideration when looking to weigh up the total costs of the machine. Certainly with the massive savings on postage, unless you are sending fewer than 5 letters/day it does work out cheaper to have a franking machine.

Additional costs include:

Ink – Like with printer ink, prices for franking machine refills vary greatly, so it is advisable to shop around for the best deals. Make sure the franking machine cartridges are filled with the Royal mail official red ink. You can get new and refilled cartridges from a variety of suppliers, the franking machine companies themselves or independent suppliers. You should check with your machine warranty the situation when using refill franking machine cartridges, but these will be the most economical method for renewing the ink.

Depending on your postage volume you will not need to refill the ink that frequently, typically if you send 20-40 letters/day you are only looking at one replacement every 6months to a year. New cartridges range from 70-100pounds, but you can half this cost with using refills. You may find you get a finer finish with using the new cartridges, so if you are not on a budget, then this probably is the better option.

Maintenance – Some of the rental contracts also come with an additional maintenance charge, it is worth asking about this so you don’t get any unexpected additions to the bill at the end of the contract term. It is certainly worth getting the machine maintained and is obligatory in some contracts, but is certainly something that should be taken in to account when looking at running a franking machine. Maintenance costs could cost up to 100pounds/year.
Labels – Just as you may print on to labels for the name and address, you can also print the frank on to a label that is good for speed and for larger items. If you wish to frank on to label you should add this cost to the cost of the envelopes and you are looking at between 20 and 30pounds for 1000

What Additional Costs You Might Expect With A Franking Machine