Going the more affordable way doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Cheap does not always equate to poor quality. Take for example the DM200i franking machine. This machine saves you a lot of money, is simple, easy to use and a time saver.


Quick Specs

  • Can process 40 letters per minute
  • Water level indicator
  • Low postage warning
  • Low ink warning
  • Password protected



The control panel is clear and fully integrated with step-by-step instructions for the beginner user. There are 5 preset buttons to store your frequently used jobs. This machine allows you to seal and post your mail at the same time thus reducing your preparation time. The DM200i also has an auto-dating function that automatically updates the correct time. If you choose to get a head start on tomorrow’s mail, you can set an advanced date. You can also stamp incoming mail with the correct date and time for further organization.

The DM200i franking machine features a 5kg weighing platform that can process mixed mail. You don’t need to sort your mail or group them together. Just put the whole bunch on the weighing platform and the machine will automatically calculate the correct weight and postage for each mail as it is removed from the file. 

Save Money

The DM200i is fitted with IntelliLink technology that allows the machine to automatically download the latest postal rates. You are assured that you always have the correct rates so you avoid underpaying or overpaying and the fees associated with these.

This franking machine is Energy Star compliant. It automatically shifts into a low power sleep mode when not in use for a prolonged period. Because the sleep mode cools down the machine, it also helps to prolong its life.

Strengthen Your Brand

Turn every piece of mail into professional looking advertisements. With the inkjet printer, print your message on each envelope and re-enforce your brand. Print a return address so that undelivered mail can be sent back to you allowing you to prune your mailing list. This machine is also capable of downloading logos to further strengthen your brand.


With the IntelliLink technology, you can download software updates and top up your account through Postage by Phone. You can also get free credits for up to 55 days with the post now, pay later facility.

You can also generate client or departmental reports with this machine. You can report up to 100 accounts. 

With the use of the DM200i franking machine, your everyday tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently.

The Pitney Bowes DM200i Franking Machine