A growing business needs productive tools to keep up with the daily demands of the office. The Neopost IS-350 is the perfect office companion as it operates quietly but processes mails efficiently.

The IS-350 is Royal Mail approved so you are assured that you get accurate rates every time you process mail as it automatically downloads updates from Royal Mail. It also provides you with accurate weight even if you have mixed mail. It makes the process so easy for you because all you have to do is place all your mail on the weighing platform, then remove an item. The machine will automatically calculate the correct rate for you. This eliminates the tedious task of sorting. With Smart Start technology, the machine is always ready as you are. When you remove an envelope from the weighing platform, the machine automatically gets ready to process your next mail.

The IS-350 also features a Rate Wizard so you don’t need to memorize all those confusing postal rates. The Rate Wizard will figure out the exact postal rate for each and every package.

Another timesaver is the rate shortcuts menu. You can choose from single envelopes to large packages in a matter of seconds. This machine is very flexible so you can manage your mail with ease.

You can print slogans on your mail to make it look more professional. Impress your clients with your customized and personalized mail.

Here is a quick guide to IS-350’s specs:

  • 40 letters per minute
  • Powerfeeder for batch mail processing
  • Ergonomic, space saving 3kg weighing platform
  • Simple dashboard display
  • User-friendly prompts and menu
  • Rate shortcuts
  • Shortcut keys
  • Automatic date setting
  • Automatic top up – download credits and pay later
  • PIN code protected
  • Default rate setting to avoid mis-posting
  • Access your usage for the past 13 months
  • Maximum envelope thickness – 9.5mm
  • Landscape or Portrait orientation
  • 9 Job imprint memory
  • 8 standard advertising slogans and 2 open
  • Date stamping for incoming mail
  • Account reporting for up to 10 departments


Neopost standards

You get a myneopost account as a client wherein you can monitor your postal activity and department usage. All IS franking machines have the ability to connect to a LAN. You don’t need an analog connection to make your machine work. It is able to connect to almost any network automatically. As with other IS franking machines, the IS-350 uses a long-life ink cartridge that minimizes frequent cartridge changes. The machine will also alert you if your ink is low so you don’t get franking interruptions.

If you need an easy to use franking machine, the IS-350 is for you. It ensures quality, productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

The Neopost IS-350 Franking Machine