What Is The Best Franking Machines For Small Businesses?

If you are running a small business you may be wondering if a franking machine is the best option. Perhaps you are wondering if they are too expensive and are only meant for larger businesses.

Franking machine is a one-time investment you can have for your company. If you look at how much savings you can have with franking machines, you will be able to understand at how you can make most of a franking machine. Even if you are sending letters as little as five per day, you can surely find large savings from the huge discounts the royal mail and other couriers give to franked mails. Here are the franking machines best for small business.

You have the IS-330 franking machine that is small but built to frank low volume mails. Equipped with a fast mail powerfeed and a 2-kilogram scale, this model is your peace of mind. Built with Smart technology that gives you the benefit of reclaiming VAT from the Royal Mail, you can surely get the largest savings out from your mail marketing.

Next on the line is the IS-350 franking machine. This little franking machine allows you to get 38% savings from frank mails. That is a lot of savings you got there. And having a 3-kilogram scale, you can surely send a couple of parcels more. With its Smart Technology, you can truly make a living out from the savings from Royal Mail VAT-liable services alone.

The IS-420 model is your franking machine if you are looking for a larger volume of franking. Having a 30-kilogram upgrade for its scaling capacity, you can surely go from good time to big time with your mail marketing. It is also equipped with Smart technology for VAT-liable services discounts. With the addition of PPI-enabled feature, you can have access to additional discounts. Epic!

These three have what it takes to address your mail-franking needs. If you have a smaller volume of mails to frank, you can go with the IS-330. If you need something faster, you can get the IS-350. But if you need a franking machine that can address your needs in mail marketing, you can get IS-420. These are the machines definitely worth investing for your small business. Franking machines offer big savings in the long run. You can either lease or buy a franking machine.

Before you decide whether to lease or buy a franking machine, you can read more about buying or leasing a franking machine.