If you are running a small business you may be wondering if a franking machine is the best option. Perhaps you are wondering if they are too expensive and are only meant for larger businesses. Do you send enough post to make having a machine cost-effective? In this article we will try to answer exactly that and give a detailed comparison of the options suitable.

On standard franking the largest savings are achieved with 2nd class letters, saving a whopping 18p per letter sent or 32%. Send just 5-second class letters a day and you are saving over 19pounds per month, covering the cost of the rental of a small machine. This allows you to take advantage of all the other benefits a machine can offer your company, for example, a higher degree of professionalism on your postage and easier and quicker handling.

Many companies offer introductory packages for small businesses such as free postage labels and introductory postage credit. The following machines are the current best offers on the market.

Pitney Bowes DM60

This is the starter machine from Pitney Bowes that is small and compact enough to sit on your desk. It has a built-in weighing scale to accurately weight and calculate your postage. Simply place the envelope on the scale and the machine will automatically calculate the postage costs, you then feed the envelope though the feeder manually and it will print the postage franking, taking the balance off of your account. If you want to send a parcel you can still use the weighing scales, but you would print the postage onto a label to be fixed to the parcel.

Pitney Bowes currently offer a 30-day free trial to test drive their machines, after that you have the choice of renting it for a 12month contract at £17.95 + VAT or a 36-month contract at £13.95 + VAT per month. The machine is also available for purchase for £604 + Vat. See here for your guide to renting or purchasing.

To sweeten the deal they will give you a £20 starter postage credit, a free ink cartridge, unlimited logo promotional messages and access to Mailmark from Royal mail offering the lowest postage prices and the best reporting. You also get 12 free postage top ups per year, so if you budget monthly, you will not have to add this possible expense to the maintenance charges. As far as starter machines go – you can’t go far wrong with the Pitney Bowes.

You have the IS-330 franking machine that is small but built to frank low volume mails. Equipped with a fast mail powerfeed and a 2-kilogram scale, this model is your peace of mind. Built with Smart technology that gives you the benefit of reclaiming VAT from the Royal Mail, you can surely get the largest savings out from your mail marketing.

Next on the line is the IS-350 franking machine. This little franking machine allows you to get 38% savings from frank mails. That is a lot of savings you got there. And having a 3-kilogram scale, you can surely send a couple of parcels more. With its Smart Technology, you can truly make a living out from the savings from Royal Mail VAT-liable services alone.

The IS-420 model is your franking machine if you are looking for a larger volume of franking. Having a 30-kilogram upgrade for its scaling capacity, you can surely go from good time to big time with your mail marketing. It is also equipped with Smart technology for VAT-liable services discounts. With the addition of PPI-enabled feature, you can have access to additional discounts. Epic!

These three have what it takes to address your mail-franking needs. If you have a smaller volume of mails to frank, you can go with the IS-330. If you need something faster, you can get the IS-350. But if you need a franking machine that can address your needs in mail marketing, you can get IS-420. These are the machines definitely worth investing for your small business. Franking machines offer big savings in the long run. You can either lease or buy a franking machine.

Before you decide whether to lease or buy a franking machine, you can read more about buying or leasing a franking machine.