Review on Pitney Bowes DM50 Franking Machines


A franking machine adds great value to your business. It doesn’t just help you save time, it also help you save money on postage. This franking machine has a tremendous amount of features as specified below.


•Compact, space saving device
•Date changes automatically
•Create and select advertisements
•Date and time stamp set-up (optional)
•User defined text message (optional)
•Ink jet printer
•USB ports (optional)
•Accurate postage rates
•Cost tracking device (optional)
•Security feature using passwords
•Print hard copy of your transactions
•Equipped with weighing scale that weighs mail pieces
•Can be connected to a phone line for convenient postage-adding
•Has an easy to read display which shows system status & prompts you through its operation

You’re Qualified for a  Royal Mail Discount

In general, franking machines helps you save money on postage. Check out the savings page to see how much you can save. On top of that, it helps you cut expenses on transportation since you don’t have to go to the post- office anymore. DM50 is equipped with a scale that will calculate the exact postage cost – you’ll never have to guess or over pay for your postages!

Save Time with Pitney Bowes DM50

Say good bye to trips to post office to buy stamps! DM50 allows you to refill postage using POSTAGE BY PHONE®. You’ll never run out of postage stamps again!


DM50 is offered at a rate of £19.95 plus VAT per month with a 30 day free trial. Simply fill out the form above and we will contact you with the best deals.

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