Are you looking for a reliable partner in the office that works fast and efficiently? Look no further than the Neopost IS-480. It’s quiet, sleek and ergonomically designed. It features a full-color touch screen. This machine is perfect for the busy and demanding mailroom. The controls are very easy to use and with Smart Start, you don’t have to press a button or series of buttons to start processing fresh mail. After processing one mail, the IS-480 will automatically get ready to start working on a new one.  There are also shortcut keys to help you work faster. It has an automatic label dispenser. The wide deck can accommodate large mail whether in portrait or landscape mode.

 Some franking machines offer mixed mail weighing features. This machine however, does that and more. It has a self-aligning mixed size feeder so you don’t need to manually adjust the machine when feeding it mixed mail.  It processes and seals 150 pieces of mail per minute.

While we’re talking about fast, this machine has an automatic setting of postal rates to ensure accuracy every time. It has an imprint memory feature for fast recall.

You don’t need to be a math whiz. The Rate Wizard will automatically calculate the correct postal rates for each of your packages, whether big or small.

For your safety, the machine is PIN code protected so that only authorized personnel can use the machine. You can set postage and assign budgets by department. The default rate setting also helps to avoid mis-posting. After a day’s work, you can go online and print a report by department, class or user. The accounting department will not have any trouble reviewing your mail expenses with Neopost’s advanced reporting.

Cost control is one of the most important goals of a business. With Neopost MAS, you get detailed reports that you need in order to stay on top of your expenses. You can:

  • Track
  • Analyse
  • Allocate
  • Forecast
  • Consolidate mail by department, class, time-period

The machine will alert/email you if the ink is already low so you never run out of ink when you need it the most.  The machine uses LAN connection for easy updates and upgrades. This machine is Royal Mail approved so you are sure that only the latest rates are loaded into your machine. Your franked mails are always Royal Mail compliant.

Aside from the ease, convenience and efficiency owning a franking machine gives you, you are also entitled to major discounts from Royal Mail services. Check out the list of discounts in their website and while you’re at it, create a myneopost account to generate reports, top up your credits, etc. The IS-480 is really your perfect mailing room solution.

Review Of The Neopost IS-480 Franking Machine