The DM300C is a powerful franking machine from Pitney Bowes. It connects to a standard analog phone line and is Energy Star compliant. The speed of this machine is 65 letters per minute. It has an automatic tape dispenser for parcels and oversized items. If you’re thinking of investing in a franking machine, the DM300C might be the perfect one for you. It has basic and advanced features that make your job easy. And just by using this machine, you are entitled to avail of special services from Royal Mail.  

Basic Features

It has a 5kg integrated weighing platform. But you can also choose to get a 7, 12 or 35kg platform. It has low postage and low ink warning systems. It is password protected and can accommodate 10 job presets and 100 accounts. It features a clear, user-friendly display and a QWERTY keyboard for typing convenience.

Advanced Features


The DMC300 machine contains the IntelliLink technology capable of automatically downloading postal rate changes, software upgrades, logos and advertising slogans. With IntelliLink, you can avail of Postage by Phone that allows one-touch postage refills. It also comes with Purchase Power that allows you to post now then pay later. This feature gives you free credit up to 55 days. This technology also allows flexibility and adaptability for future growth.

Control Panel

The user-friendly control panel has everything you need to get started. If you need help in the process, the machine can give you a step-by-step guide.


You can seal and frank your mails at the same time with the DM300C. Because of the built-in tape dispenser, large mails are automatically sealed.


The auto-dating feature ensures that you have the correct date on your mails every time. But, you can also adjust the date to prepare mails in advance.

Digital Meter

The DM300C contains a digital meter that is compliant to all current postal regulations.  

Differential Weighing Technology

The differential weighing technology means that your mail is automatically sorted and calculated for the correct weight and postage. You can place mixed mail and the machine does it all for you efficiently and quickly.


You can generate reports on departmental or client postage costs with the DM300C. You can easily track how much you spend where with this tool. You can print the reports or export them to a PC for a detailed analysis.

Turn Your Mail into an Instant Advertisement

Add a logo, a slogan or a return address to your mail. Place a special offer or anything that you want to advertise. Turn your mails into a professional looking advertisement with the DM300C machine.

Energy Star Compliant

The DM300C automatically enters into a “sleep mode” when not in use for a prolonged period of time. This low power state cools the machine and helps it last longer.

Special Perks

Pitney Bowes’ DM machines gives customers access to a wide range of Royal Mail services that include (but not limited to) Special Delivery, Recorded Signed For, FrankPay, AirSure, CleanMail, CleanMail Plus and CleanMail Advance.

Review of the DM300C Mailing System