Are you a start up business? Is sending brochures an important part of your business? Is mailing an integral part of your office process? If you answered yes to all these questions, the Mailstart 2 Postal Franking Machine is perfect for you.


The Mailstart 2 features a compact design so you save on office space. It has sophisticated features that will make your work easier. It is flexible enough to handle different kinds of letters and parcels.


This machine is fitted with the latest in advanced digital technology to keep up with your demands. The high-quality digital printer gives clean impressions. It works quietly so it will fit right into an office environment. It can process envelopes up to 8m thick or self-adhesive labels of large packages and parcels.


The Mailstart 2 doesn’t make any mistakes when franking. It has an electronic scale that gives the accurate postage. Say goodbye to over or under stamping. Prices are automatically updated when Royal Mail changes their rates.


Do you want free advertising? The Mailstart 2 will not only print your logo, it can print any marketing message or slogan, special greetings or even images. There are also 10 pre-set messages to choose from.  Sending mail has never been this fun!


Switching to a franking machine means no more stamps or petty cash for mailing purposes. Everything that you need to process your mail is in this machine. It is PIN protected so you can be sure that only authorized users have access to it.


If more than one department sends mail, you can still keep track of them with the Mailstart 2. It comes with 10 standard accounts so you can see exactly how much each department is spending. You can also print reports to see how much postage was used for each account.


If you need more credits, just plug your machine into an existing LAN or phone line. You can also download postage rates this way.


The Mailstart 2 is from Mailcoms, a Royal Mail approved distributor of franking machines. Because of this, you can get as much as 30% discount from Royal Mail services. Your work time is cut by more than 75% and you even get savings. How great is that?


With the Mailstart 2, gone are the days of running to the post office to beat the cut off time. No more falling in line just to process your mail. You won’t get frustrated anymore when you run out of stamps. With the Mailstart 2, everything is at your fingertips.




Review of Mailstart 2 Postal Franking System