The IS-440 franking machine is both practical and intelligent. Why? Here are some quick specs:

  • 95 letters per minute
  • Max envelope thickness of 12mm
  • Portrait or Landscape envelope orientation
  • Automatic label dispenser
  • Memory imprint up to 9
  • 8 standard advertising slogans and 2 open
  • Date stamp for incoming mail
  • Automatically prints mail class
  • Up to 25 departments of reporting and controlling
  • Differential weighing
  • Smart Start technology
  • Shortcut keys for operational efficiency
  • Rate Wizard
  • NeoFunds access

Just like most Neopost franking machines, the IS-440 is ergonomically designed and built for whisper-quiet operations for the office. It has an automatic feeder for faster batch processing. You no longer need to manually feed your machine. It has a built-in label dispenser for easy mail preparation.

Sort mixed mail fast

The integrated 3kg weighing platform can weigh and calculate different types of mail without you manually sorting them. The Smart Start technology allows the machine to be ready to begin each time you remove a piece of mail. It’s always ready when you are.

Rate Wizard

You don’t have to be an expert on postal rates. The Rate Wizard will automatically download the latest rates from Royal Mail. It will automatically calculate your postage whether it’s small or large, first or second class. The shortcut keys menu also allows you to choose your mail class without pressing a lot of buttons. That makes the work faster.


Transform your mail into an advertising platform by printing slogans. It also makes your mail look more professional so you can impress your clients.

Connect with LAN

You don’t need a traditional analog phone connection. If you have LAN in your office, you can easily connect the IS-440 to start processing mail. This allows the machine to download updates and upgrades, recredit, static upload and other downloads.


You can open a myneopost account where you can monitor your expenditure online. You can also generate reports by department.

Your machine will also alert you if the ink is already low so you can have a backup ink cartridge ready even before it goes empty. You avoid the hassle of running out of ink in the middle of a busy day.

Neopost is the European leader in providing mailing and logistics solutions. Neopost is Royal Mail approved so you don’t have to worry about compliance. The IS-440 is a versatile and efficient mailing system for your business.


Neopost IS-440 Franking Machine Review