The Neopost IS-330 franking machine is great for your growing business. It’s quiet, compact and easy to use. It’s very easy to operate with its Smart Start technology. The machine automatically starts after a piece of mail has finished processing. It operates quietly so it’s perfect for an office setting.
The IS-330 comes with a Rate Wizard so you don’t have to figure out the rates for your mail. The wizard will do it all for you. Changes in rates are automatically downloaded so you can be assured that you have the accurate rates each time.
The machine features a rate shortcut menu so you can easily process single envelopes or large packages. The machine is equipped with a 2kg space saving weighing platform and can powerfeed for batch operations.
You can print slogans on your mail to promote customer relations. Reinforce your products and services by using your mail as a piece of advertisement. Using the IS-330 franking machine will give your mail a more professional look.
To control and protect your usage, you are required to enter a PIN code. You avoid mis-posting because of the default rate setting. You can also allocate postage use by department and you can check postal usage for the past 13 months online.
Here are some quick specs:

• The machine can process 30 letters per minute
• Envelope max thickness up to 9.5mm; landscape or portrait
• Advertising slogan – 2 open; 8 standard
• Date stamp for incoming mail
• Can control up to 10 departments for accounting reporting
• Email alerts for low ink

When you own a Neopost franking machine, you can create a myneopost account. Through this, you can monitor your postage activity, the mail classes that you use and determine each department’s usage.
All the machines in the IS Range come with a LAN connection that allows you to automatically connect to any network type. This connection allows statistic uploads, updates, rate changes, system upgrades, etc. You don’t have to look for an analog phone line. You can use your already secure internal network to operate your machine.
This franking machine uses a long-life ink cartridge. It optimizes usage and minimizes replenishments. Changing ink cartridges is easy because all you have to do is click and snap.
The Neopost IS-330 franking machine optimizes efficiency and ensures you quality each time you use it. With its user-friendly design and Neopost’s technology, you get the perfect solution for your mailing needs.

Neopost IS-330 Review
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