Neopost is a leading manufacturer of franking machines in the UK. They are Royal Mail approved so you can be sure that your equipment and supplies pass Royal Mail’s standards. They also offer other products for managing incoming and outgoing mail. Neopost takes care of your daily mail processes from folding and inserting to addressing and franking. Managing incoming mail is also a breeze with their letter opening systems. To further help you manage your mail, Neopost offers software that can help you with parcel and mail, output management, address management and data quality; and mail accounting software. They also have professional teams ready to help you with your mailing concerns.

Neopost manufactures the award-winning IS-280 franking machine. Using this franking machine can save you up to 38% of your normal postage expense. This franking machine is best for up and coming businesses. Right from the start, the IS-280 saves you time and money. You no longer have to go to the post office to buy postage. You can refill your credits online, 24 hours a day. This machine gives you high quality digital printing so your mails are clear and crisp. You can print your company name and any marketing promotion that you want your customers to know.  The 2kg weighing platform calculates the exact amount of postage every single time. There is also an onscreen wizard that is loaded with Royal Mail’s latest local and international rates so you can stop worrying about over or underpaying as the machine calculates the right amount for you.

No need to worry about your information. Your data is secured with PIN-protected access. The machine is very user-friendly. There are shortcut keys for your most used processes. Even installing is a breeze. You can do it yourself. No need to hire a technician.

If you are a more established business dealing with a medium to large number of mails per day, the IS-420 is a best buy for you. It runs quietly so it’s perfect for an office setting but also works fast – processing 65 letters per minute. If you have mixed mail, the machine will sort it out for you and compute the correct postage.

This machine uses a long-life cartridge so you don’t need to worry about changing cartridges frequently or running out of ink in the middle of an important queue of mail. You don’t need a traditional analog phone line with the Neopost machines. They are LAN connected so you can easily download updates and rate changes.

For high volume mailing, turn to the IS-6000, an ergonomically engineered machine for maximum productivity and output. It features a high capacity envelope feeder, a dynamic scale and a power conveyor stacker.

Although the IS-6000 is a tough machine, it features user-friendly components such as a 15-inch coloured touch screen monitor, a full keyboard, an ergonomic workstation and adjustable shelving for organizing your supplies.

Other machines need a print head replacement after a period of time but this machine is equipped with a permanent print head that is designed to last the life of the mailing system. For ink levels, the machine has automatic low ink alert to avoid downtime due to unexpected cartridge replacement.

 The IS-6000 is installed with the industry’s first iMeter. iMeter is a smart meter that is connected to the internet that gives you more functions than a basic postage meter. This machine also comes with different apps to help you organize and manage your mail from preparation to delivery.

All Neopost clients can avail of a myneopost account that allows quick rate update downloads and easy ink cartridge ordering. myneopost also helps you manage your mail online. On the other hand, if you have a neoFunds account, you can order postage and pay in arrears. By using a Neopost machine, you are assured of great discounts from Royal Mail.

Neopost is also ISO 14001 certified meaning, Neopost offers you products and solutions that are up to par with the highest process, quality and environmental standards.

For simple, reliable and powerful mailing solutions, Neopost has you covered.

Neopost Has Your Mailing Needs Covered