Looking for entry-level franking solution? Look no further! We have some great deals on the MyMail franking machine. MyMail is highly recommended specially for small businesses who want to save money on postage. It has the most basic features that you need to send franked mails!


  • MyMail can process up to 18 letters per minute
  • Can save up to 3 advertisements
  • Has a 2 KG integrated weighing scale
  • Prints using ink jet
  • Can  store up to 3 user  accounts
  • Has 10 postage settings
  • Built in SMS capability
  • Compact design gives you more storage space

 Make no mistake!

MyMail has a built in weighing scale that accurately weighs every weight on your envelopes. The integrated weighing scale can process up to 2 kilograms of mails. It automatically downloads postage rates which ensure that you are getting the right cost of your postage.

 Never run out of postage

Just like any other franking machine, MyMail can be connected to phone line and a modem which allows you to send mails without limits.

 Compact Design

MyMail is one of the smallest types of franking machine in the market. Its design gives you more room for storage space and you can easily find a perfect place to put it on.

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MyMail Franking Machine Review