When choosing a machine type for your business you first need to decide whether to “lease or buy” a machine. The second main point to look at is the volume of items you will send daily.We have separated the machines in to:

Low Volume – for up to 50 items daily

Medium volume – 50-100 items

High volume – Over 100 items daily

Remember that you need to take in to account the future requirements of your company, as with either buying or leasing the chance are you will have the machine for a year or more. Secondly you need to decide what other requirements are necessary for your machine. Do you need several user account for different departments? How many logo or slogans do you need printed? Do you need it to automatically calculate the postage based on weight?

If you fill out the contact form above we will automatically contact the most suited suppliers which will get back to you with a no obligation quotation, you will then be able to easily choose the best deal for you.