IS-280 Franking Machine Product Information


If you are having various letters and parcel post, this IS-280 is perfect for you. This franking machine supports different types of letters and parcel post which makes it very useful to your company. This franking machine automatically downloads rates from postal office making sure that you get the most accurate rates.


  • Mid volume category
  • Physical dimensions of 190 mm, 300mm and 210 mm for height, width and depth respectively
  • Process up to 200 letters per hour
  • Comes with a replaceable ink cartridge
  • Can process up to 8 mm thick envelopes
  • Good for processing DL, C5 and C4 letters

 Highly Optimized

IS-280 automatically downloads and store records of postal rates on a daily basis. This ensures that your postal rates are updated. You’ll never have to guess for rates again! The advantage of this is that you won’t have to over spend on postage cost.

Take Control Cost

This franking machine is equipped with a password security feature. You can assign password for each of your department. Another advantage of this franking machine is that you will be able to allocate postage usage preventing over use from your departments.

Compact Design

IS-290’s design is small and yet it so powerful. You will be able to save more office space than when using other franking machine

Royal Mail Approved

Like most other franking machines, IS-280 is Royal Mail approved franking machine. This means that you are qualified for discounts using Royal Mail’s services.

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