There are two ways of franked mail preparation – Collection and Posting or Dropping off. First, let’s discuss preparing franked mails for Collection.

Collection Guide – Letters

  1. Separate your mails by size – Standard and Large
  2. Separate by service – First Class and Second Class
  3. If you are sending over 150 Standard mails or over 40 Large mails, use a tray. Don’t use a string or rubber bands to hold your letters together.
  4. For Standard Letters, place letters upside down with the franking mark facing the front.
  5. For Large Letters, face them upwards with the Franking mark in the same corner.

Remember: 10 Kg only! 340 Standard Letters or 80 Large Letters

  1. Order trays for free at
  2. If you’re sending less, just separate your mail by Class and Size. The Customer Collection driver will do the rest.  For your supplies, just order from your approved manufacturer.

Collection Guide – Packets Only

  1. For bulk packages, use bags and separate by service – First Class and Second Class.
  2. Place packages in bags then secure with Service Ties – Again, First and Second Classes.

Remember: 11 Kg only!

  1. Do not put your Special Delivery™ and International Signed For™ franked mails in bags or trays. Hand them separately to your Customer Collection Driver to ensure you get the service you paid for.

Posting or Dropping Off Guide – Letters

  1. 1.       Separate Standard and Large Mails.
  2. 2.       Separate by class – First or Second.
  3. 3.       Place your letters into appropriate Pouches. Separate sizes and classes. No need to use strings or rubber bands to tie your mail.


Remember: Pouches can hold 200 Letters or 45 Large Letters


  1. Use White Pouches for International Mail.
  2. Visit to order supplies.
  3. Separate your Franked Special Delivery™ and International Signed For™ mail. Give them to the Post Office® branch or Enquiry Office staff.


Posting or Dropping Off Guide – Packets Only

  1. Separate your mails by Service – First or Second Class
  2. Place your mail in bags labelled by service. Secure with ties also labelled with service type.

Remember: 11 Kg only!

  1. Order supplies at
  2. Post your franked mail to Post Office® branches, Royal Mail Delivery Offices & Mail Centres and Business Post Boxes®.
  3. To know your local posting sites, go to


The above guides will help you meet the requirements of the Legal Scheme for Franking Letters and Parcels 2008.

How to Post Franked Mail