A franking machine is like a printer. The difference is you get extra perks with a franking machine. You don’t need a stamp if you own a franking machine. It prints the equivalent of a Royal Mail stamp.

Did you know that a franking machine can greatly improve your marketing efforts, more specifically your mail shots? How many pieces of mail do you send every day? How much time do you spend preparing them? A franking machine can weigh, stamp and calculate the correct postal price in a matter of seconds for you. That means, you can finish processing your mail shots faster and you can have them delivered on time.

Another way of improving your mail is by printing your company logo on the envelope. This way you reinforce your brand. Sending a personalized envelope will make your company look professional.

If you have an ongoing promotion, you can easily print the details on the envelope of your mail shot. Get your customer’s attention immediately the moment he receives your mail.

Have you checked your mailing list lately? Having an accurate, targeted mailing list is essential to the success of your mail shot. Use your franking machine to print a return address on your envelopes. This way, you can weed out the addresses that are no longer occupied/active. You are also giving the people on your mailing list an opportunity to ‘opt out’. Don’t worry, you are not losing customers. You are actually saving time and money by not sending a mail shot to people who are not interested in your products or services. It is better to send your mail to a small group of people who you know for sure are going to buy than one hundred people who do not have any use for your services.

You can also save money on your mail shots by using a franking machine. Marketing is an aspect of the business that you can’t afford to be cheap on as it is the one that gives you new customers. It also reminds existing clients about your products and services. With a franking machine, you don’t have to go cheap on your mail shots. Royal Mail gives discounts to clients who send franked mail. These discounts are available for first and second class mails. The more mail you send, the more money you save. Or, you can send one piece of mail and still get a discount.

By applying these tips, you can be sure to improve the effectiveness of your mail shot and put your investment into good use.  


How a Franking Machine Can Improve Your Mail Shot