Free Franking Machine Trials


If your business requires the services of a franking machine but you are still afraid to make a huge investment, don’t worry. Most franking machine suppliers offer free trials to businesses like yours. Check out these suppliers.


Neopost offers different franking machines for different types and sizes of businesses. For entry level small businesses, the ideal machine to use is the AutoStamp2 . It is a compact franking machine that offers sophisticated features. It is very easy to use because of the short cut keys that can be programmed with your most frequently used functions. Updates are also very easy via LAN connection. You don’t have to go to the post office anymore to line up and process your mail or buy postage credits.

The AutoStamp2 comes with a 2kg scale that weighs all your mail accurately and calculates the correct postage. You can also customize your mail with slogans. This franking machine comes with up to 10 customizable slogans. It is also PIN-protected for added security.

You can avail of a free trial for 30 days.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes offers the Personal Post franking machine for small business owners who are looking for a budget machine. It is small and lightweight, perfect for any small office. It is integrated with a digital scale that weighs and calculates the correct postage for all types of letters and parcels. It is user-friendly because of the keypad guide. Even first time users will have no problems with this machine.

This machine is also offered for a 30-day free trial.


Some suppliers offer free trials for Frama machines. Some come with a rental contract. For example, if your contract is 3 months, you get the 1st month for free. Different models of Frama franking machines are available for free trial so it is best to ask your supplier.


Like Frama, FP also supplies franking machines to a number of companies. They can offer you free trials for 30 days. Different FP franking machines are also available for tree trials. Ask your supplier for the best model for your business.

Depending on the model and features, a franking machine can be a good but huge investment. Most suppliers know this and that is why they offer different methods to help business owners reduce their cost. You can choose to rent or buy a brand new machine. Aside from the rental charge, you also have to think about other service charges, supplies charges and insurance. Also, review your contracts first before signing anything. Some suppliers offer free trial but you have to cancel the trial after a month because if you don’t, you will be billed for the next period. So read your contracts carefully.

A franking machine is a very useful machine to have in your business especially if you deal with a lot of mail every day. Try to enjoy your free trial period. Compare pros and cons during this time so that by the time your trial is up, you can make a good decision.

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