Royal Mail has 4 approved manufacturers of franking machines in the UK. If you’re looking for a franking machine supplier, here is a quick guide to the top 4.


Pitney Bowes




The Company A $5.3 billion global company that provides physical and digital communications software, hardware and services. They have been in the industry for 90 years and are committed to helping clients reach their goal  A leading supplier of mailroom solutions. Offers intelligent software solutions that improve deliverability and help manage the mail process. A 12-year old company operating nationwide. Offers mailing equipment, pre and post sales services. Established in 1923 and the pioneer of automatic, electronic and digital franking machines. Offers a full range of mailing equipment.


Equipment & Software Equipment & Software Equipment Equipment






Document Outsourcing, Production Mail Customer Support, Professional, Sorted and Technical Services, Payment Solutions, PB Smart Connections and Codes Maintenance and Customer Support Maintenance of equipment Maintenance of equipment
Standout Franking Machine


DM Series for Small Business IS-280 award winning franking machine Matrix series Ultimail series
Product Highlights *IntelliLink Software*Automatic Tape Dispensers

*Energy Star Compliant

*Ergonomic designs*myneopost accounts for clients *Cost Centres*Touch Screen

*Label Dispensing

*Plug & Play

*Modular design*Simple program for easy navigation




Each company offers discounts extended by Royal Mail. They also have distinct promos and services for their clients also in partnership with Royal Mail.

Each brand gives clients a set of franking machines to choose from depending on the client’s requirements. The range is from personal to corporate use. Each model has a specialty and is tailor fit with the target customer in mind.

A brand may differ from another in terms of function, design or features but they all have some things in common. As mentioned earlier, all these brands give you discounts from Royal Mail. By just using their franking machines, you get up to 38% discount on regular postage rates. You save time and money from trips to the post office. Most of these brands offer online credit refills. You also get professional looking mail. You can print your company logo, your slogan or any promotion that your company is having. You can change your message every day. These machines boost your efficiency and productivity. You no longer need to get stuck processing mails for hours. Some machines can process up to 65 letters per minute. Whatever brand it is that you choose, you can be assured of savings, reliability, return on your investment and peace of mind that the work gets done accurately every single time.

Franking Machine Suppliers Approved by Royal Mail