Frama is a company dedicated to innovation, system competence and quality. They have been producing franking machines since 1970. All the equipment and systems are manufactured in Switzerland. One of its stand out franking machines is the Matrix F2. If you’re looking to invest in a franking machine, the Matrix F2 might be a solution to all your mail franking needs.

Control Panel

The Matrix F2 is equipped with ComTouch™ that displays only the functions that you need at a given time. It has 18 programmable OneTouch functions for your most frequently used products and tariffs.


Impress your clients with professionally printed mail with 600 dpi that is perfect for printing high-quality mail.  

Ease of Use

When you purchase a Matrix F2, it already comes configured. No need for installation guides.  It is ready to use. The machine has plug and play capabilities for ink cartridge changes.

The scale calculates the correct postage. Just place your mail on the scale and choose the correct postal product and you will be charged with the latest rates from Royal Mail.


This machine handles all envelope formats and can accommodate mail up to 10mm thick.  This also comes with an automatic side letter ejection so you can work quickly without any disruptions.

The machine also comes equipped with automatic date setting. You can also use the Matrix F2 to stamp incoming mail for better organization.

This machine has a built-in Smart Meter so you can frank VAT services.

Special Services

By using the Frama Matrix F2 machine, you can avail of Special Delivery and Recorded Letters services from Royal Mail. You can also take advantage of the special discounts for first and second class mail from Royal Mail.

Accountability and Security

You can generate different kinds of reports with the Matrix F2 machine. You can print receipts for postage loadings, pro-forma postage invoices and postage statements.

This machine is PIN code protected and as an added security feature, this machine automatically blocks high franking amounts.

Quick Specs

 Speed:                              25 letters/minute

 Scale:                               2kg (with 5kg or 15kg options)

 Envelope size:                   DL, C5 & C4

 Feed Method:                   By hand and can be ejected to the left

 Dimensions:                      W:345mm, D:400mm, H:230mm

 Label Dispenser:              N/A

 Job memories:                  Yes

 Additional:                          5 advertising stamps that are designable and selectable

                                          3 advertising messages

                                          2 self –programmable additional texts

                                          2 cost centers with clear text designation

 The Frama Matrix F2 franking machine accomplishes your everyday mail requirements with ease.  It is a quiet but powerful machine that is built for the office. It is the most comprehensive machine available in the market. The Matrix F2 machine will help you through even the most complicated postal services. If it’s quality and reliability you are looking for, the Matrix F2 franking machine is your perfect office companion. 

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