Small businesses that send up to 30 letters or parcels per day can benefit from the DM 60 Franking Machine. It is an entry-level machine that is the leader in its league.


It has a built-in scale that accurately weighs all mail, from postcards to packages. You don’t need to guess if your postage is right. The machine will give you the correct postage. You can print accurate postage for most mail classes directly on the envelopes or labels. If you run out of postage, top it up digitally in just seconds.

You can use the DM60 to print most mail classes including Registered and Special Delivery. Give your letters a polished, professional look with a franking indicia.

Aside from these useful features, you will also have access to all Royal Mail franking discounts including Mailmark.

What classes of mail and services can I use the DM60 for?

The most important thing you need to know with this machine is that you can use it with Mailmark, Royal Mail’s latest technology. It is a barcode that allows you to manage and track your mail online. You will see exactly what’s going on with your letters. From the moment you send them to the moment they land on the hands of your customers, Mailmark will keep you posted.

DM60 also supports First and Second Class mails, Royal Mail Signed For, Special Delivery, ParcelForce Worldwide Services and International/Airmail. You can also use franked impressions to pay for services such as Business Collections and one-off collections. As you can see, the DM60 is all you need to take care of your mailing requirements quickly and efficiently.


The DM60 can handle letters and parcels up to 2.5kg and can frank items up to 9.5mm thick. If you need to process larger letters or parcels, you can use labels instead. Users need to enter a 4-digit PIN in order to use it. It comes with five pre-loaded advertising messages and one free bespoke envelope message. This can be your company logo, website address or an advertising message.

With a speed of 20 letters per minute, you can easily finish processing the day’s mails in just mere minutes. If you hate doing the mail because it took forever to finish, this machine will make you love processing mails not just because of its ease of use and useful features but because it will save you valuable time and money.

Users can automatically download software updates and postage rates. Just connect the machine to a LAN line to have access to the Internet. It is also WiFi compatible. The DM60 is an entry level franking machine so it is recommended that you stay within the 30-letter per day limit. You can frank more but if you find yourself processing about 50 mails per day, it would be better to purchase or lease a higher model.

The DM60 also comes with the SMART Meter Technology so you don’t have to guess the prices of your mail and avoid costly mistakes. It comes with ten departmental accounts so you can keep track of your accounts and budget accordingly.


If you haven’t owned a franking machine yet, get ready for a world of possibilities and benefits. A lot of business owners, whether they are small, big or even sole traders invest in franking machines because of the savings they can get. Franked letters are much, much cheaper than regular letters. This is because Royal Mail gives special discounts to franked letters, especially Mailmark franked letters. The great thing about this discount is you don’t need to send 50 letters in order to avail of the discount. Even if you send just one franked mail, you automatically get a discount.

With a franking machine, you can save hours from your day. If you are a sole trader, you know that preparing mail is a very tiresome, time-sucking activity that needs to be done no matter what because it can generate leads and sales which lead to more money for your business. Need to prepare 20 letters? No, problem. The DM60 can do it in just one minute. After that, all you need to do is send them out to your customers.

You need your letters to stand out from the competition but you also want to avoid cheap and cheesy tactics and maintain a professional look. With the DM60, you can include your logo on your envelope. You can print a personalized message for your customers or send them a special discount. The letters will come out with a professional but personalized feel.

Have you ever sent a letter or parcel with incorrect details? Errors cost money. With the DM60, you no longer have to worry if you have the right layout or the right details or even the correct rates. It will weigh the letter and apply the correct postal rate, saving you even more money. It will also download the latest rates automatically as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Client details are private and very important. With the DM60’s 4-digit PIN, your data is secure. Only authorized people can have access to your franking machine. Aside from that, you will know exactly how much credit is left and who or which department is costing the most money.


Price starts at £24.95 plus VAT per month. The monthly price already includes full-service cover so you don’t have to worry about expensive maintenance fees.

If you are a new business customer and you get this machine directly from Pitney Bowes, you will be able to enjoy a free 30-day trial and free £20 postage credit. You can also get free unlimited envelope logo messages. The machine comes with a free starter pack. You will have access to free INVIEW postage reporting. Pitney Bowes does not charge for rate updates or postage refills.

What People Are Saying About the DM60

Really easy to set up. When you work out the savings against the monthly cost it really makes sense” – Anne

“Excellent for small businesses. Prices better than post office!” – Benjamin 

great product and service. Thanks 🙂 “ – William

“Great offer and with £20 free postage who could complain” – Owen

This looks like good value for a growing business like ours. Less time wasted buying stamps – lower cost on all our postage – professional look, with our logo on stamping which reinforces our status with clients.” – Tony

DM60 Franking Machine Review, Prices and Free Trial