With the rising costs of postage and shipping, companies are now turning to franking machines. Franked mail, when prepared properly, will give a company special discounts from Royal Mail making franking a very good resource. If you are a small company thinking about investing in a franking machine, here are a few basic things that you should know.

For those who don’t know, a franking machine is used to automatically stamp or print the equivalent of a Royal Mail stamp to a letter or package. It also automatically computes the total charge. There are many benefits of using a franking machine. We will list them as we compare two of the most popular small business franking machines in the market – the Pitney Bowes DM50 and the Neopost IS-280.




Automatic online  Updates

Refillable Postage


Royal Mail Approved


4k with integrated scale














The Neopost IS-280 is an award-winning franking machine. It has a 2k weigh platform that automatically calculates the exact fees to avoid under or overpaying. It is loaded with the latest local and international rates from Royal Mail. The machine is easy to install and has user-friendly shortcut keys for frequently used settings. You can also download system updates and the latest rates from Royal Mail. You can organize your postage expenses, order supplies and service online through myneopost. You can use the IS-280 to customize your mail and make it into a creative advertising platform. You can print your company logo, banner, tagline or any promos that you would like your clients to know. As for postage downloads, you can download postage and pay in arrears through your neoFunds account.

The Pitney Bowes DM50/55 on the other hand, is also built for small businesses to help reduce postage costs and save money through discounts with Royal Mail. Since both brands are approved by Royal Mail, they have been given special discounts by Royal Mail that they can extend to their clients. With Pitney Bowes’ IntelliLink software, you can automatically download updates and the latest postage rates from Royal Mail. You can also refill postage 24 hours a day, saving you trips to the post office.  Like the IS-280, you can also use the DM55 machine to give your mails a professional look. You can advertise your company, create your own messages or download a custom envelope message. Both machines are password/PIN protected so your information is safe.


Pitney Bowes DM50 £1,050


Neopost IS-280 £1,294 exc VAT



Buy or Rent?

If you send bulk mails every day, owning a franking machine makes complete sense as the savings you get from everyday postage offsets the cost. But cash is a limited supply in a small company. So what should you do? Renting is an alternative. Many big companies such as the two mentioned above have rental packages for their machines. Here is a breakdown of the costs:



Rental Rate

After Sales Care

Extended Warranty

Ink Cartridges

Franking Labels

Starter Pack

DM50 £7/week, 5-year contract None £1/week or one-time payment of £25 £15 or less £17/box None
IS-280 Starts at £17/month exc VAT, charge price depends on contract length £186-£280 None £83 £62 (discounts for 20 or more boxes) £90 includes ink cartridge, letter opener, asstd envelopes and franking labels


Renting a franking machine may be good for a short-term plan but if you calculate the costs, you will actually save more if you just invest in a machine of your own. Renting is good if you use the franking machine for just a few times a week but if you need to frank mail every single day, in quantities of 5 and above, then investing in a good franking machine might be best for the long run.

Guided with this information, you are now ready to make a decision. So, are you buying or renting? Get a personalised quotation today by filling out the above form.

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