Buying or Leasing Franking Machine

Stamping and processing mails are expensive compared to handling franked mails. So, the Royal Mail offers huge discounts for companies franking their mails. In the last two years, postal charge discounts has dramatically increased which resulted to more and more companies franking their mails. Both companies sending small and the ones sending larger volumes of mails daily have already resorted to getting franking machines. Some companies have bought, while others have leased franking machine.
Which option is more advantageous?
Well, some would say buying your own franking machine is way better than leasing one; some would say otherwise. Let’s take a look at the advantages of each option.
Buying a Franking Machine
This option allows you to fully own the franking equipment. You won’t be tangled to a contract. You can say that you just added another tough asset to your company. No recurring payments to worry monthly. You will be able to take advantage of the staff trainings and avail warrantees from the manufacturing company. A few holdbacks for this option are the large cash outlay and limited future equipment upgrade.
Leasing a Franking Machine
When you consider leasing a franking machine, you are opting for an option with lesser initial cash out. You will have a contract giving you the advantage to avail a free maintenance and regular equipment upgrade. The chance to test several models of franking machines is another point for this option. Moreover, you can avail advanced staff trainings and daily equipment assistance and troubleshooting. One drawback is you will be paying a monthly rent.
Summary of benefits:
Buying a Franking Machine
• Own the equipment
• No contract
• Asset to the company
• Staff trainings
• Machine warranties
Leasing a Franking Machine
• Low initial cash out
• Equipment upgrade
• Staff training
• Test equipment without a lifetime contract
One option is beneficial in some way over the other. Every company’s needs vary, and so is the choice. If you are not sure what option to take, feel free to contact us.