A franking machine is a quick and easy way to manage your company’s postage while at the same time saving you money on every item you send. You have complete control about your account which is easy to top up and you get all your postage charges in one invoice. With personalised franked mail, you are also projecting a more professional image of your company as you can print your logo or advertising message directly on the items you send. With the Royal Mail Franking Service you never have to worry about running out of stamps, simply top up your account by phone, online or via your account. All your expenditure is recorded which allows for easy account making.

Royal mail does not supply machines directly, instead you need to go to a trusted franking machine supplier. You will need a license for using a machine, which you can get through your trusted supplier. The types of machines vary greatly and it really depends on the scale of your postage needs. Smaller machines are for rental and this is a great started if you have lower postage needs. Larger machines can handle a higher volume of postage and you will be able to automate a great part of your business.

A franking machine can be used on any of the following products: First Class, Second Class, Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery, Cleanmail, Mailsort, ParcelForce Worldwide Services, International/Airmail and you can expect considerable savings on the postage costs. You will be supplied with special franking bags from royal mail which are available free of charge with your franking machine. Franked mail needs to be posted differently from regular mail, if you have over 30 letters, they need to be handed directly to your post office, or use a designated franked post box. For less than 30 items you can obtain a low volume postage envelope from your post office and then the mail can be posted in a regular post box.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a Franking machine is the fact there are BIG savings to be made of Up to 38% on postage costs. If your company sends over 5 items a day you are losing money by not having a franking machine.

Advantages of Using A Franking Machine