The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 / 2000 franking machine are built for the businesses that send 500 letters per day and will revolutionise the way you send mail.


  • Your choice of 5, 7, 12 or 35kg weighing platform
  • 50 accounts
  • Drop/stacker
  • Postal blue, black and white and process colour
  • 1200 dip
  • Can handle 16mm thick envelopes
  • 205 letters per minute
  • Mailmark
  • Wired/Wireless LAN

Optional features

  • Differential weighing
  • 3,000 accounts
  • Barcode scanner
  • External USB report printer
  • power stacker

The Connect+1000 franking machine from Pitney Bowes will change the way you look at your franking machine. Not only does it do what it’s supposed to do but it can actually help you generate more revenue. How? Read on.

What is your primary reason for buying a franking machine? Is it because you need help in processing your daily mails? If yes is your answer, then you’ve made a good investment. Keeping on top of your monthly bills to your clients and other customer communications is an integral part of keeping your business alive.

But, there is another way to generate more income from your mail. The Connect+1000 can print targeted messages on your envelope. It is the first machine with a built-in Web-based architecture and applications. You can print logos and graphics of your choice to make your mail more attractive.

Let’s see how it works. Unlike other franking machines, the Connect+1000 has two printers. One prints the necessary postal details while the other is a 1200 dpi printer that can print your company logo, graphics and any message on the envelope. It comes in black or 4 colors. By doing this in-house, you save money on having your envelopes printed in a print shop. You can also stock printed envelopes for future use. The quality is as good as a print shop but the cost is less.

The machine is so easy to use with its colored 10.2” touch screen. It is also available in 15” screens. You can easily access the Internet if you need software upgrades or postal rate updates. You can do all your graphics editing on the touch screen. When you’re satisfied with your work, automatically print it on your envelope. There is a wide range of software solutions to choose from to help you with program jobs, accounting, tracking packages, reporting, re-stocking supplies, etc.

Another feature of the Connect+1000 that boosts your productivity is the Power Stacker. It gives you the flexibility to process up to 10,000 pieces of mail per hour. And these are all in pre-sorted order, mind you.

Here are a few quick specs:

  • Accounting – standard is 100 but you have the option to increase it to 3,000
  • Optional bar code scanner
  • Optional external USB report printer
  • 110 lbs
  • Maximum of 180 letters per minute processing speed

Imagine the things that you can do with the Connect+1000 franking machine. Turn your boring old mail into a colourful, powerful sales and marketing tool.

General Information

Although these machines are jam-packed with features, you actually don’t need manuals and special training to operate it. Operators can control everything on the full-colour 10.2-inch touchscreen. It also comes with a stylus to make it much easier to use. In the homepage, you will be able to see all the major functions grouped together. An onscreen keyboard is available to make data entry and package tracking a breeze. You can also connect a wireless keyboard if you are more comfortable with that. You can save your most commonly used jobs so you only need to press a button when using them.

The main difference between the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 and  Connect 2000 model is that the 2000 model will automatically measure, weigh and sort your mail. The Connect 1000 is obviously a cheaper model that is a great entry point into the world of automatic mail processing.

Both machines are password protected so you can be sure that your credits are secure. You can access financial and usage data remotely. You can track spending, budgets and monitor your mail centre by operator, workstation or location. You can export all these data through a USB memory stick.

The INVIEW feature allows you to view and analyze data about your mailroom activities. You can monitor trends and compare different client or departmental accounts. By using this tool, you will be able to identify opportunities and problem areas. You will efficiently use your budget because you eliminate poor practices.

Whether your packages are 5 or 35kg, it’s not a problem with, if you opted for differential weighing, you can process mixed mails without hassle. Just put everything onto the machine and it will weigh and calculate the exact rate for you. This system also comes with an optional extra of a power stacker that can hold 600 letters in a single run.

Your envelopes can now be in full-colour which will make them more attractive to potential clients. You can print promotional messages, postal indicia, graphics, return addresses, etc. CMYK and black inks are available. You need to make the right first impression so your mail does not get tossed into the bin. If you can catch your recipient’s eye the moment your mail lands in her hands, you have a high probability of getting your letter opened and read.

Prices and Dealers

Depending on which model and additional extras you go for the purchase of a machine could set you back up to £10,000 which is why most companies go for a lease deal with varies according to which supplier you choose but is approximately £300/month. Of course this machine is available through Pitney Bowes, but there are also some independent companies that also offer deals on both the connect 1000 and the connect 2000.

This model is a huge investment. If you are not quite sure if this is the right one for you, ask if you can rent it or if you can have a free trial period. You can also ask for a free demonstration.

Running costs for this model include ink cartridges (blue starts at £139.95 and full-colour starts at £27.95), franking labels (starts at £69.95) and service and support agreement (starts at £899). Other suppliers such as Pitney Bowes will charge you for the logo and return address, Royal Mail updates and credit refills. Most suppliers waive the installation fee for this model.


You get special discounts from Royal Mail for first and second class letters and other services. You also get access to special services such as Cleanmail. You can request free supplies and have them delivered to your office. You can also have your properly franked letters and parcels picked up from your office so you don’t have to deliver them to the post office yourself.

Your sales and marketing campaigns will definitely improve and you will be able to see the numbers in your bottom line go up. Surveys show that a colourful envelope with promotional messages that evoke a sense of urgency has a higher chance of getting read. Your clients are likely to react to your message if you steer them in the right direction.

Your investment is high with this machine but the returns are also high. You will be able to recoup your costs in no time and you will be glad that you made that decision.


A Review of the Pitney Bowes Connect+1000/2000 Franking Machine