A Review of the Pitney Bowes Connect+1000 Franking Machine

connect+1000The Connect+1000 franking machine from Pitney Bowes will change the way you look at your franking machine. Not only does it do what it’s supposed to do but it can actually help you generate more revenue. How? Read on.

What is your primary reason for buying a franking machine? Is it because you need help in processing your daily mails? If yes is your answer, then you’ve made a good investment. Keeping on top of your monthly bills to your clients and other customer communications is an integral part of keeping your business alive.

But, there is another way to generate more income from your mail. The Connect+1000 can print targeted messages on your envelope. It is the first machine with a built-in Web-based architecture and applications. You can print logos and graphics of your choice to make your mail more attractive.

Let’s see how it works. Unlike other franking machines, the Connect+1000 has two printers. One prints the necessary postal details while the other is a 1200 dpi printer that can print your company logo, graphics and any message on the envelope. It comes in black or 4 colors. By doing this in-house, you save money on having your envelopes printed in a print shop. You can also stock printed envelopes for future use. The quality is as good as a print shop but the cost is less.

The machine is so easy to use with its colored 10.2” touch screen. It is also available in 15” screens. You can easily access the Internet if you need software upgrades or postal rate updates. You can do all your graphics editing on the touch screen. When you’re satisfied with your work, automatically print it on your envelope. There is a wide range of software solutions to choose from to help you with program jobs, accounting, tracking packages, reporting, re-stocking supplies, etc.

Another feature of the Connect+1000 that boosts your productivity is the Power Stacker. It gives you the flexibility to process up to 10,000 pieces of mail per hour. And these are all in pre-sorted order, mind you.

Here are a few quick specs:

  • Accounting – standard is 100 but you have the option to increase it to 3,000
  • Optional bar code scanner
  • Optional external USB report printer
  • 110 lbs
  • Maximum of 180 letters per minute processing speed

Imagine the things that you can do with the Connect+1000 franking machine. Turn your boring old mail into a colourful, powerful sales and marketing tool.


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