mailbase franking machine

The Mailbase franking machine is a mid-volume, Royal Mail approved franking machine from Mailcoms. It features one-touch controls and operates quietly. It can process up to 40 letters per minute.

All the controls that you need to access are clearly placed on the control panel. It features user-friendly instructions for beginners. You can also save up to 5 of your most commonly used functions so you just push a button every time you need the machine to perform those functions. This easy-to-use franking machine will give you more time to work on more important tasks in the office.

It can also track incoming mail through its date and time stamping functions. This feature will help you organize your incoming mail better.

This machine can frank and seal envelopes up to 9.5 mm thick. For larger mails, you can quickly process them with self adhesive strips.

The Mailbase franking machine comes with a 2.5 kg weighing scale. It calculates the correct rate of each mail that it processes. It gives the correct, updated rate each time because it connects securely to a server over the Internet to download the latest tariff changes. It also downloads software updates to enhance its performance.

This franking machine also helps you stay within budget. You can monitor and control the postal spend of each department or each client account. You can save up to 25 accounts. You can also generate reports for each department with this franking machine. The machine automatically gives you VAT reports for services that require it.

If you need to refill your credits, you can easily do so with one touch. You can top up your credits any time of the day, 24 hours a day. Think of how much time you save by not going to the post office every time you need to refill your credits.

Since the Mailbase franking machine is Royal Mail approved, you can be sure that your properly franked mail will receive discounts. Royal Mail is offering discounts for first and second class mails. There is no minimum number of mails to send to be able to receive a discount but with franked mail the more the merrier. You get higher discounts the more you send.

You can also use the Mailbase franking machine to give your envelopes a professional image. You can use it to print a return address, advertise slogans and company or brand logos. You can customize the logos online and download it to your machine.

If you are looking for ways to simplify your every day office processes, the Mailbase franking machine is for you.

A Review of the Mailbase Postal Franking System