The DM100i Digital Franking Machine has a lot of things to offer to different kinds of businesses. It stands out from the rest of the competition because of these following features and benefits:

DM100i Digital Franking Machine

Powered by IntelliLink

This machine uses SMART system integration. It is powered by Pitney Bowes’ IntelliLink™ technology that allows the machine to connect to a secure server where it can download changes to postal taxes or tariffs. SMART enabled franking machines are also capable of updating its software automatically.


Accurate Postage Value

The 2.5 kilogram weighing platform of the machine provides an accurate calculation of postage value of every letter and every package that you send. You never have to worry about underpaying or overpaying again.


Efficient Re-Crediting

With just one touch of a button, you can automatically replenish your meter any time of the day via Postage by Phone. PurchasePower™  also offers you 55 days free credit through its post now pay later facility.


User Friendly

Even if it’s your first time to use a franking machine, you need not worry because the DM100i has a single control panel where you can access all functions. If you need a step-by-step guide, the machine will guide you from beginning to end.


Streamline Your Processes

Using a franking machine streamlines your processes. A franking machine makes your life simpler but with the DM100i, it’s not only simpler. It’s easier. The machine has 5 presets for your most used jobs. Easily frank mail up to 9.5mm thick while with larger mails, just use the self-adhesive tape strips.


Brand Awareness

Make your mail a true marketing tool by transforming it into a professional branded piece. It’s so easy to do this. Just upload your message to the Pitney Bowes website and they will do the rest. You can download your new message in a week’s time.


Some More Fun Stuff

Your DM100i will inform you of low ink or low postage levels. It has auto-dating and password security. Surprisingly, it’s also a quiet machine making it perfect for the office.


With all of these unique and remarkable features, what more can you ask for in a franking machine? It gives you speed, efficiency and makes your mails extraordinary. The DM100i Digital Franking Machine is one of the best equipments that each and every business must have.

A Review of DM100i Digital Franking Machine

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