Find The Perfect Franking Machine

A franking machine makes it so much simpler to organize your post and at the same time gives your company more of a professional image. It also cuts the cost of posting by up to 38%! You choose to pay for postage credit when you need it giving you complete control of your spending plus putting all of your postage costs in to one easy manageable invoice.

Not just for big offices or corporations, medium sized, small business and self employed also can benefit from using the right machine, In fact if you send just over 5 letters or parcels a day you could benefit with reduced postage costs. Check out our savings page to see just how much you can save on your postage. Royal mail do not supply the machines directly; instead you need to go to an approved supplier. The type of supplier varies according to the requirements you have, how many letters you send and also the type of mail you send. It can be confusing to find the right supplier to fulfill your needs, so let us find one for you! Simply fill out the above form and we will be able to advise which model is most suitable for your needs as well as all the latest prices.

You will have the option to rent or buy and there may be additional charges for the machine such as maintenance, inspection and other items such as ink, or labels; however the costs are far outweighed by the discounts you can get per each item you send. In fact you save 7p on every first class letter you send and 8p on every 2nd class letter. There are also discounts on packets, recorded, special delivery and international mail. Check out our savings page for the up to date info.

Many companies new to franking choose the option to rent, and this can be done for as low as £14 a month. Many companies offer a 30 day free trial in order to test before deciding to commit to a rental period. The rental options is the ideal solution for small businesses. If you send a high volume and you are sure that franking is right for your business, then you may look at purchasing the model outright. Prices start from £995 for a new Neopost Autostamp2 which is perfectly capable of handling up to 50 letters/day. If you need a higher volume there are more advanced machines which can even have numerous slogans for your mail.

Having your mail franked gives much more of a professional image of your company. You can print your logo on to the envelopes or labels, plus an advertising slogan that reinforces your company message as soon as the post gets in to the recipients hand. Since franked mail is easier to process at the post office it is quicker and you run the chances of having less delays on your postage items.