A franking machine makes organizing your mail simple and easy. It also gives your company a professional image. Cut posting costs by up to 38%! You can choose to buy postage credits only when you need it and this gives you complete control of your expenses. All of your postage costs can easily be seen in one manageable invoice.

A franking machine is not just for big offices, corporations and medium sized businesses. Small and home based businesses can also benefit from using the right franking machine. If you send even just 5 letters per day, you can already benefit from the discounts. Visit our savings page to see how much savings you can get if you use a franking machine.

You cannot get a franking machine directly from Royal Mail though. You need to go to a Royal Mail approved supplier. The model of the franking machine depends on the requirements that you need such as the number of letters you send daily and the types of mail that you send. The task of finding the right machine and the right supplier can be quite confusing and frustrating at times so let us do the work and find one for you! Simply fill out the form above so that we can advise you on which model is best suited for your needs as well as give you the latest prices.

Did you know that you have the option to rent or buy a franking machine? There are also additional charges such as maintenance and inspection. Don’t forget about supplies such as ink cartridges and franking labels. However, even if you add all these extra charges together, the discounts that you get every single day you send mail far outweigh them. You can save 7p on each first class letter you send while for 2nd class letters, you save 8p. The discounts don’t stop there. You also get discounts on packets, special delivery, recorded and international mail. You can check out our savings page for the latest information.

A lot of companies that are not familiar with franking choose to rent a machine. Renting can be as low as £14/month. Suppliers usually offer a 30-day free trial so that a company can decide if a franking machine is right for them. Renting is ideal for small businesses. On the other hand, if you send a high volume of mails each day and you are sure that franking is beneficial to your company, it’s better to invest in a new machine rather than rent it. Franking machine prices start at £995, which is a Neopost Autostamp2. This model is already capable of processing up to 50 letters per day. If you send more mails, you need a more advanced machine to handle your requirements. These advanced machines also have the capability to print customized slogans on your mail, making them a great advertising tool.

Franked mail makes your company look professional. With a franking machine, you can now print your company logo on the envelopes and labels. As mentioned above, you can also print customized messages that reinforces your brand.

Franked mail is easier to process in the post office so you no longer have to experience delays in sending your mail.

A franking machine is an important investment that every business sending more than 5 letters per day should make. This is a sound investment that will pay off within a short time because of the many benefits it brings, not only saving up to 34% on your postage costs, but a more professional business image and faster mail processing times. If you are looking to buy one, here are the things you need to know.

Basic things to consider

Before buying, you need to consider a few things:

  • How often will you use it?
  • Is it for a short-term project or for long-term use?
  • How many mails do you send each day?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have plans of expansion or growth in the future?


After answering all those questions, you need to pick out the type that will suit your requirements. The type is divided into 3 categories – home and small office use, medium-volume and large-volume. The machines in each category vary from speed and capability. Low-volume machines can process somewhere between 20-90 mails per minute while high-volume models can process over a hundred mails per minute.


Almost all modern franking machines have an integrated weighing scale and a rate calculator so you don’t have to memorize postal rates. You can easily weigh and calculate the exact postage of your mixed mails.

Most models also have the capability to print your company logo and a special advertising slogan. Most of them have departmental accounting. You can also top up your credits online or via phone 24/7. They are all easy to use and have user-friendly interfaces.

Some models have special features such as access to special apps and services. Some have automatic label dispensers and envelope sealers. Some will alert you if your ink is already low. All models have the capability to go online and download rate changes and software updates.


Talk to any franking machine owner and they will definitely tell you that buying or renting one was a good decision. Here’s what you get when you own one.

  • No more queuing in the post office
  • No more beating the post office deadline. You can have your mails picked up from your home or office
  • Easily buy credits at the convenience of your office
  • No need to worry about holidays
  • Get some advance work done with the adjustable date feature
  • Clear reporting and budgeting of accounts and postal expenses
  • Discounts from Royal Mail
  • Accurate pricing, no need to worry about under or over payment
  • Work done in minutes
  • No need for training
  • No need for extra manpower
  • Lowered utilities expense
  • Save electricity with Energy Star models

Buying and renting

You have two options when it comes to owning a franking machine – buying or renting. Each has its pros and cons.

Buying  Pros

When you buy, you fully own the equipment as an asset therefore you can claim capital allowance for tax purposes. You are not tied to any long-term contracts that might be difficult to cancel. You pay less in the long run compared to leasing.


Your cash flow may be affected because of the large upfront payment. You may need to apply for a loan to cover the initial costs. If your equipment breaks down, you are entirely responsible for the repair which may be expensive. If you suddenly experience growth, you may need to buy a higher model  and that’s another investment.

Leasing Pros

You don’t pay cash upfront. You can deduct rental cost from your taxable income. You can easily move up or down different models depending on your growth. You can try out different models. You can try one model for 30 days for free. Leasing is a good option for small businesses that have a limited budget. If you only need to use the franking machine for a short-term project or you send just around 5-10 letters per day, leasing is a better option.

Maintenance and repair is shouldered by the supplier. Renting helps you decide if you really need to invest in a new model. Renting will also give you the opportunity to try the latest models.


You are tied to a contract and may be asked to pay a termination fee if you decide to end it before your contract ends.

Total cost of ownership

You can calculate your total cost of ownership by taking the purchase price plus any other costs in the agreement such as maintenance or total care cost plus the cost of supplies and consumables (labels, ink, etc.) then subtract any savings factors. Finding out the total cost of ownership will give you a clear sense on how best to use your capital.  It will help you decide whether you should buy or rent.

Finding a supplier

There are many excellent suppliers of franking machines but be sure to find one that is Royal Mail approved. A complete list of approved suppliers and manufacturers are listed in Royal Mail’s website.  Look at the customer support offered by each one when choosing. You can look at their websites and speak to their customer support departments. You may also ask for a demonstration and find out what their packages are. You may also ask the following questions:

  • What does my service contract include? Will I have to pay for parts? Will my equipment be taken away?  If so, is there a replacement? Does it include customer and technical support? Will there be regular maintenance visits?
  • Is there a charge for topping up credits?
  • Will I have to pay when Royal Mail inspects my equipment?
  • Is there a charge on rate changes and updates?
  • How much do supplies cost?
  • How long will the ink cartridge last?
  • There may be other fees when renting so be sure to ask anything that is not clear to you
  • How much do customized logos and slogans cost?
  • Will you install and deliver the equipment for free?

End notes

You may think of keeping your costs down but it is also important to buy a quality, durable machine that can keep up with the demands of your business and eventually grow with you.  A franking machine is a solid investment that will give you value for your money and outstanding service.